Monday, August 31, 2015

When I Put My Mask on ...

Everyday I put my mask on

They said, be yourself.
Everyday I tried to take off my mask, one after another.

Every morning, I wake up from my sleep with a mask automatically on my face.
Smile, I said.
Wait, put a mask with no expression in it.
Put a mask of someone who just woke up, blank, and by the time change it with happy mask, ready to welcome a new day

I got on my bike. I put on an optimistic mask.
I was probably sad, hungry, angry before, but seriously.. leave those feeling because its not how it supposed to be.

I look around.
Everyone seems busy. Some people starting their day with smiles on their face. Some other people probably too busy to realize they are already started a new day.
And here I am, with a mask of someone who ready to face the world.

There, there,
someone happily smiling, a group of people happily chatting.
join them? Give me a second to change my mask, and I'll greet you with a big happy smile

src: google

After a long day
Tired? No, no, I am not. I am okay.
I am completely fine. I can do another thousands of errand.
I'll still be fine.
I always have couple of this type of mask everyday with me.
Yes, I'll be okay

I put on a mask so no one ask me anything.
I put on a mask, as a way to make myself feel better.
I put couple of masks on, so it wont take a lot of time to change it from time to time.

Then the night comes.
I would love to have a good sleep, the only time where I take off all the masks.

I am on my way to sleep.
I whisper to my self; "Let be myself tomorrow"


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