Friday, July 31, 2015

Love letter for you

Dear you,
let me tell you the story which I keep for myself since the first time we were introduced formally.

It was one horribly-sunny day, couple weeks after I arrived in this city. I was "forced" to meet you. Wait. not exactly you, but anyone from your family.  I was wandering around what they called mall to find you. Just because couple day after I had to work on an office where people would use formal cloth, high heel, nice - probably some branded- bag.

As for me, I need to change my backpack with some  lady-like bag, my sneaker , and off course there is no way I would use my hoodie to the office, right. But it wasn't hard to change most of them, except you.  High heels.

Dear you,
I thought it was a good idea to wear you once before wearing you for work. Three was a family occasion and I put you on. And guess what, just 10 minutes I was feeling lady-like who walk elegantly *eaaa* and then any kind of disaster which you could cause happened. Hiks

cakep yaak :D | Src : google
And the d-day came my dear,
my 1st day at work. I was taking you out of the box when I remember what happened couple days so I decided to keep you 1 more day trapping inside that box.  When I got in the office, I saw nobody were using any type from your family. Well, I stay in the my office with 3 other guys *I was supposed to be in another office where there were 8 guys :D* , which mean no one would realize *or maybe complain* if I used my sneaker, sandals, or my slip on.

And you.... for almost 2 months, stay silent inside that small place of yours, waiting for the day you will be taken out of it, maybe wondering if that will happen someday. 

My dear,
Guess it doesn't take more than 2 months when I realize ( I was forced to realize ! )  I need to start wearing more formal cloths than I used to wear. Or at least change my slip on with you. Yes. YOU!
I  took you out of the box this morning, I walked around for couple minutes just to get use to it. I should be able to wear you, I said to myself.

My dear...
It was 2 hours ago. As I was sitting, as I was starting to work, my feet touched something under the table. and you already know what was that, it might be your enemy from now on. I found nice simple sandals which I use inside the office. I almost forget about it.

My dearest high heels.
I will wear you occasionally, morning from home to the office, change with sandals as soon I get in, get back with you if there is a meeting, or any other formal occasions. I am doing it for our own good. If I fall, you will get hurt too. If I get pain on my feet, you will be the one to be blamed. So please understand my decision.

Just one other thing my dear, I have wedges actually, its not high heels they said. But for me you are all the same. I hope you don't mind if I think you are all from the same family.  I'll try to love you like what they said; love you till the moon and back;  *well..I cant really promise that :D

Me who struggle to have a good relationship with you


  1. Aku kira you-nya siapaaaaaa hahahahaha *lempar mira pake kotak sepatu*

  2. Aku cintaaaaa sama high heel, walaupun koleksi high heel-ku cuma dua *koleksi murahan :p Tapiiii, ini pengalamanmu sama kali kayak aku. Pagi ke tempat kerja pakai high heel, tapi sampai di sono, langsung ganti dengan sandal jepit, hahahaaa...
    Soalnya ribet ya boooo, jalan dr satu ruang ke ruang lainnya, mana naik turun tangga lagi, lol

    1. Bwuaahahahhaha... jelas lah kak..sendal jepit setia nempel di ruangan hahaha

  3. hahaha... good luck ya kak sama heels-nya. moga langgeng :D

    1. Langgeng banget khaira.. alhamdulillah :D,baru 4x doan dipake heheh