Thursday, May 29, 2014

End of May.

There is a never-end conversation between my right and left side. Big one, big enough to make me tired and getting angry at myself, so arrogant people might say and stubborn with no reason. Wait, I have a lot of reason, it just.. the reason which cant really be the reason for my actions.

From early April till May too much pressure on my shoulder, full of depress on my brain, too much pain I have to carry. I just wanna tell anyone that I am in trouble, i am angry, I just wanna escape, too much problem, so many things i need to think, need second opinion, need some other people understanding. 


I can't do that...

Thesis? there are some other people who have similar problem with me, even worse. If I complain, how can I face them? I am not in the place to do so. That what I think. 

Personal problem? I am living well at the moment, Alhamdulillah. Surrounding by good people, healthy enough - even still cant sleep early in the night, I have my family in my hometown. I still have a lot. Whatever my problem is, I still have a lot. There are people outside there who does not have a shoes to walk on, does not have a house to live in, and how can I complain about my life? I have no right to complain. 

But I really wanna say out loud whatever my problem is. But I shouldn't. If I say, I might hurt someone else. If not..then...

I should be grateful for whatever I have, should be happy with anything happen to me. I should, rite?

But..can I complain little bit?

-- from the corner of library --

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  1. terkadang saya juga berada diposisi seperti yg kk tulis diatas :')