Sunday, December 22, 2013

In memoriam; Tsunami Aceh

9 years have passed.

But in my mind, I still can picture you on that day, a couple days before it happened. Things we talked, silly joke we laughed out loud, things we planned, dream we would pursue, advices you kept telling me. All...


We'd known each other for years, somehow things worked so well between us. We were always going the same direction, which made me feel really safe, you were, and always would be there. We didn't talk or call each other like what other people would say "best friend" things, instead we kept it and spited it out once a year when we met - as we lived far apart. That day, we met but had no chance to talk alot, things we wanted to say to each other, are still on my mind. We decided to meet after couple of days... we only could decide..

Another you..

Weeks after it happened, I went to university and the very first thing i wanted to see was you. Even though the place your family lived completely gone, I somehow wished that on that weekend, you changed your mind and didn't go home, and i might see you weeks after.

Months later, I still wish you would appear out of nowhere. It felt wrong to work with someone new, late breakfast without you, doing things we used to do.

We had long talks on the last day we met. You told me to study more, you told me to stay as I am , you warned me not to have another besftfriend (I laughed hardly when you said that..seriously? :D ). You talked as if it was your last day with me. But it was...

Btw.. I went to your place last summer, it's beautiful :) . I should have come here years back, when you invited us for spending the weekend there :)

Again, another You..

After more than 8 hours being trapped in this disaster, I met you on my way back home, as you were also going in the same direction. I asked you to let me walk together. At that time, I already lost my mind. As soon as I met my brother on our way, I forgot about you, not even thanking you. Later on I learnt that you studied in the same faculty with me, but still.. I didn't say a word. Impossible you would remember a girl with baby-blanket-headscarf , thats what I thought everytime I saw you.

Thank you... thank you..

Ah..there is another one, which I have no idea who you were

On that day it happened, while me and friends were struggling in the water, in the middle of pile of logs, garbage , you appeared and asked for help from us. I still remember when you cried. You might think we didn't want the help you, but we were so afraid to let go our hand and reach you. We are really sorry for that day, and I do hope you are alive somewhere, or if not, God have place you in His best side.


There are some other you out there...there are many other you.. which I've missed all this year.

9 years have passed. Yeah, it's been 9 years.

Bonn, December 2013


  1. :(
    Couldn't imagine if it's happened to my best friends..

    1. Neither do I .. loosing 2 bestfriends at once, but honestly i still think they might be alive somewhere... hopefully