Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Another untitled story

Another year has passed, 25 years now.. But I still have nothing to write about you. Not a single thing i know or i remember.

1986 - 1987.
There should be stories in this year, isn't it? I still cant ask about you, what we had been doing back then. Was it a happy day? was I...were you..So many questions. But.. I think I'll keep the question for myself for the next couple of years - maybe

1987 - 2012

Too much empty space, not enough space to show that empty space itself.

There are times when i wanna hold your hand, there are times when i wanna hug you, there are times when i wanna walk beside you, there are times i wanna share things with you, there are a lot of times....

I am sorry for not knowing anything, remembering anything, even your face, but love you always Dad

Bonn, 3.10.2012, 3:01 am