Thursday, November 3, 2011

Nice days with nice people

This nice days start from last friday.. :))

Friday, a friend of mine, who went to IUS as well, came to Bonn for scholarship meeting. I wasn't in the same class with him, just we knew each other. But.. it felt really great when I saw him, *as if back in sarajevo :D :D*

So, friday evening we met and chit chat for couple hours. that was alot, and i believe we would talk more if it was possible. It was almost 10 pm, so... i got to go home :D :D

Saturday, me, b.lodi, and sayed went on our little free trip in NRW. We start from Bonn - Dusseldorf , where we met Zaky, and then to Duisburg. It wasn't really a trip, since we were looking for new laptop for b.lodi. We thought  we could finish "looking for" earlier, so we could go to Dortmund (sayed and b.lodi even thinking to watch a football match there - and me?). But that was only plan.

Sunday , again, three of us, went to Drielandenpunt in Aachen.  While waiting for sayed and b.lodi in Bonn Hbf, i met Anja, a friend from Slovenian. We were in the same class in CDC Koln. Right after Anja left (sayed and b.lodi didn't show up - still ), Momir (Croatian) appeared (he was also CDC student), which then lead us to meet zvonimir :)) - yeah..another CDC student. Little reunion in short time :D


Drielandenpunt is border of 3 different countries, Germany, Netherlands, and Belgium. The place quite far from Aachen Hbf. After taking 2 bus, we need to walk for another an hour (it could be faster maybe, we just didn't know the way). We didnt even know when we passed the zweilandenpunt (border of Germany and Netherlands). We were just wondering why everywhere, any announcement, all auf Netherlandisch *we realized it one the way back, that we're actually in Netherlands already :D*.
After little climbing, (we're kinda tired as well, factor A aka Age maybe :D), we endlich reached the 3 point. We were looking for a line border, but there was no such, hahaha..we almost got lost there :D :D

one of the nicest house - on our way to drielandenpunt

It was worth it, planning to go back this spring :)

At 6pm, we arrived in Aachen Hbf, where we accidentally met another new comer from Indonesia, and (some) went with us together to Koln, and have dinner together :))

Monday and Tuesday I'll exclude from this nice days.. * i was doing my homework only :p*

Wednesday , I was really sick from Monday, but those assignments never let me to take some rest. It seems like little homesick, or maybe sick of homework (still too early..there is another 2 years hahaha), or maybe because its getting cold out there, and i didn't use proper clothes. BUT, for a cup of coffee / tea with sayed and zvonimir? I surely will go out :D :D. It has been a while. The three of us living in the same town, and never even have a time to sit together, have a cup of coffee, chit chat. and..i really have a good time  (and my fever back fro sure ).

And....this sunday is Idul Adha, means.. gonna meet another Indonesian friends, and probably going for another trip :)

*hopefully this fever and "friends" will disappear soon, amin :) *

Lennestr, 2.11.2011
Now I know (eits..remember) how bad my english is -__-'