Monday, May 23, 2011

Saya dan Percakapan 4 Tahun yg Lalu

Tramvay , dari Ilidza - Bascarsija

An Old Lady, sitting beside me on the tram :
She : I hope, when my little girl t
urn 25 , she already finish her school, work in a good company, and give me an enkelkinder
Me (that time) : *manggut2
Me now.. comparing to what she wished to her child : finish my school . thats all! * still...Alhamdulillah

In an Apartment von my friend :
I met a guy who carried so many things on his hand, i helped him to bring all those till his apartment.
He told me : Are you Malaysian?
Me : No Sir, I am Indonesian.
He : ahaa...Indonesia.. bali..bali..hmm??
Me : -_____-'

Few Days ago in Rasuna, I met him again , but didn't remember at all. I was talking on the phone, and he caught one word, " Sarajevo "
He asked me : Do we know each other?
Me : No Sir, I don't think so
He : Whats wrong with Sarajevo?
Me : Nothing wrong,sorry, why are you asking??
He : You were once there??
---after short deep thinking ----
He : I think I knew you, remember ...... (he mentioned an address i used to come) -- sounds weird he still remember this , but they were no so many indonesian / malasyian in sarajevo before
Me : A ha.. i know that place, so.....?? (in sarajevo, the word A ha comes alot , its not that you surprise, sama halnya dengan kita manggut2)
He : You helped me .... bla bla bla ... you were that Malaysian, right??
Me : *eaaa* Sir, I am Indonesian

A Conversation with my friend:

He : Why you keep writing / speaking in two/three different languages??
Me : ...........................

Now, he ask me again, the same question, and Sorry.. my answer still the same ..............................
* At least now i know... when i need a word, and i found that word in one of the language i know (somboooonnngg...pdhal taunya dikiiittt banget)..then I just say that word :D :D

Kuningan , After Maghrib
May 23th 2011

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